My shorebreak imagery is created not by standing on a ledge and focusing at a distant point but up close with waves crashing all around. By immersing oneself in the ocean without any type of floatation device. The awe-inspiring wave photography requires understanding current flow, rhythm, roll and speed of a wave approaching the shoreline. The secret lies in learning to read the anatomy quickly and position your body to catch that magic spot and live long enough to exhibit.

On a technical note, my work integrates traditional digital photographic processes with metal/aluminum/glass. The images are preserved using dyes infused directly into specially coated sheets of aluminum or crystal clear acrylic. To ensure their greatest value, collectability and uniqueness, the images are printed in limited editions of 100 or less. For orders, contact: [email protected]

Aleem Photography also helps businesses attract and engage customers as an Google Trusted Photographer shooting 360 degree panoramic virtual tours. The virtual tours are hosted on Google servers, visible on Google search results, Google Maps and mobile devices.

I hope you enjoy my work and the sites I've captured during my travels.